My 21 Books : L through Q

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Lies My Teacher Told Me

As a former U.S. History teacher, I used several chapters of Lies My Teacher Told Me when teaching about certain topics, specifically Columbus and the first Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to dig more deeply into the other things Loewen explores. Did you know Helen Keller was quite the active communist? 

Life Will Be the Death of Me

Full Disclosure: I was never a fan of Chelsea Handler; I found her abrasive, much like the controversy that always plays out on reality TV and I despise reality TV. It makes me anxious. But then I listened to her guest appearance a few years ago on my favorite podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and heard about her journey with therapy and all the many issues she’s worked on over the past several years. There might not be a better example of the benefits of therapy. I recently listened to the second appearance she made on the show and it reminded me how much  I wanted to tackle this memoir about her journey (via audiobook, of course).

March I, II, & III

One unique item on my list is the March trilogy, because it’s actually a set of graphic novels written by John Lewis. The only excuse I have for not reading them sooner is that, in complete contrast with my husband and daughter, I don’t enjoy graphic novels. I’ve always been a fast reader, and graphic novels force me to slow down. I have to look at each panel and use both words and images to absorb the story. But it’s John Lewis, and the illustrations are breathtaking, and I know this set is a must. 

** It’s important to note that I’m counting this set as one book because … well, there’s really no explanation except I didn’t want to waste two extra spots on the list **

The Nightingale

Similar to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, enough friends count The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah among their favorites, and these friends are ones that share my same reading tastes. I need more good fiction in my life! 

On the Come Up

Angie Thomas is that author of the critically-acclaimed YA novel The Hate U Give, and I enjoyed teaching it to a select group of students several years ago before the movie came to theaters. On the Come Up has also received great reviews, and I love to keep reading authors that both entertain me and open my eyes to things I’ve never realized before. 

One of Us Is Lying

All I know is that my teenage daughter loves this book — as do many of her friends — and she’s pestered me for almost a year to read it. I only hope she continues to insist I share in the things she loves, so this is the first book I plan to check off 21 Books in 2021 list. 



  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Audiobooks are my favorite. Not traveling has caused my consumption to slow to a halt, but the travel doesn’t seem to be changing so I need a new plan. Once I finish up A Promised Land, I’m going to tackle Chelsea’s book.

    There is one you should add: Eviction by Matthew Desmond. It’s a super quick read because you won’t be able to put it down. I read it for a class and then twice more and once on audio. It is that good.

    Cheers to reading/listening in 2021!


    • I will absolutely add that to the list! It actually had about 26 on there, and I assume I’ll get to the others, as well — “A Promised Land” is one of those extras. 🙂


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