A Note About the Sucky Days

You know what’s lovely? Those first moments after you wake when you’ve forgotten your troubles and everything in the world seems okay. Aren’t those moments just lovely?

I’m generally an optimistic person, but this week’s been rough — and my mid-week was especially rotten. Wednesday had already been unpleasant, and that was before the 17-year-old girl hit my parked car. While I assured her these things happen and did my best to be gracious and understanding, in my head I was cursing the whole disgusting day.

It wasn’t until I started the drive home that I realized the dented panel was scraping against my tire. 

Sigh. Tomorrow would be better, right?

So I awoke on Thursday and had those few blissful moments, forgetting the irritation, the dented car, everything except getting to my cozy cup of tea. Then I remembered. 

But I’m generally an optimistic person, remember? So Thursday morning I paid a visit to my favorite collision place where Mitch was able to pop the panel away from my tire. I now have to squeeze in and out of the driver’s side door, but it was a necessary trade. I grabbed a quick lunch, which wasn’t great and I ended up not eating, but that wasn’t the end of the world. After a few hours in the office, I decided to drive out to the county line to deliver some exciting news to a client, which was enjoyable — until I went to leave and my car wouldn’t start. 

Luckily, the woman had a portable charger and was able to get the battery going pretty quickly, and I squeezed through the door and headed to the nearest auto parts store. It was on the drive that I got the call from a close family member — who apparently had been keeping some pretty critical health information a secret. Until that moment. On that day.

I would’ve laughed at the absurdity … if I wasn’t doing my best not to break down. So I got a new battery, and that was the end of my troubles for the day. 

In the morning glow of my computer screen, these troubles don’t seem nearly as bad as they did yesterday — although to be fair, I’m writing this long before dawn with a cup of steaming black tea beside me.

There are days that just suck — no other way to describe it (well … actually there are, but not ones I can write in the newspaper). The truth is, I know my troubles are minor compared to some and I was lucky to have great people helping me. From the collision people who I adore and are so good to me, to the girl’s father who was so easy to work with, the woman who was able to get my car started, to the auto parts woman who installed my new battery, to my sister and husband who listened without telling me everything would be alright (because who wants to hear that when you’re upset?) and to my friends at The Walton Tribune who are so supportive … a shoutout to all of you who made my day a little easier.

My plan had been to write about how we’re all allowed sucky days and we don’t always have to look at the bright side — but looking back at yesterday, those people were the bright side. 

So here’s to sucky days and the people who help us and being optimistic or pessimistic or whatever gets you through … and may your entire tomorrow be as lovely as those first few moments after you wake. 

* This column first appeared in The Walton Tribune on February 6, 2021 *


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  1. […] Last week I wrote about the people who make our bad days better, and this week it seems I’m writing about the people who will be forgotten along with those bad days. I know I’m a much happier person when focusing on the main characters in this lovely little life I’ve built, and will be even more content when I master the art of ignoring those whose contributions won’t even make the director’s cut. […]


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