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A Special Thanks to the ‘Above & Beyond’ Teachers

Almost every kid who went through my middle school remembers Mrs. Jackson’s seventh grade biome project. Each year, kids would be divided into groups and assigned a classified biological community — everyone secretly hoped for the rainforest — and had a designated section of hallway to create that space.

Remembering April 27, 2011

It sounds like overkill, but it got to be a ritual … and I told myself, “If we’re prepared, it won’t happen.” A superstition’s only crazy if it doesn’t work, right?

Rearranging my Furniture, Rearranging My Life

It may sound silly, but rearranging my home feels a little like New Year’s Day. There’s a fresh start, and the new positioning opens up new ways of moving, and those new ways of moving open up new ways of doing other small things and it can end up having a snowball effect. 

Why My View on Mother’s Day Has Changed

Regardless of what’s behind the change of heart, I realize what I want most on my Mother’s Day is to celebrate the others in my life — these strong women that raised me and raised the people whom I love. 

Homesick for Alabama (but NOT the Tornadoes)

While friends and family have been rocked by tornado outbreaks two weeks in a row, I’ve watched our trusted meteorologist’s page from afar and been in awe of a springtime that doesn’t require recurring use of a sheltered “safe place.” 

Times When You Always Say “Yes”

There’s a reason that milestones like the first days of kindergarten, of middle school, of high school take our breath away. Not only a reminder that we’re getting old … but such a stark reminder that our babies are growing up.

That Magical Place Called the Car

It’s where I still love to belt out my favorite songs and for a moment be young and carefree again. In the car is where I know my daughters will talk about what’s important and what’s not-so-important. It’s where I plot out what I want to write each week.

How Do You Know When You’re All Grown Up?

So there I was Wednesday morning, Cora in the backseat belting out, “When I’m more mature, I’ll feel totally secure …” and wondering why, when it comes to adulthood, so many of us feel a sense of imposter syndrome?


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